Alberta Wetland Policy Basics Online Course

Common Cattail - Typha latifolia

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The Alberta Wetland Policy outlines the strategic direction and tools required to sustainably manage wetlands on the landscape to benefit all Albertans. Wetland Policy implementation is a complicated process and requires that all proponents or their representatives have a basic understanding of the process. This short online course was designed for anyone interested in Alberta’s wetlands.

This course has recently received the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists’ Peggy Thompson Award for high standards of achievement in conveying biological science concepts to the public.

Course Format

This course consists of:

  • Four – 15-25 minute online modules,
  • Four – optional activities (approximately 15-30 minutes each), and
  • Four – optional quizzes to test your knowledge.

Course Contributors

  • Tara Caseley, P Biol
  • Laurie Hamilton, M.Sc., C.E.T., P Biol

Learning Objectives

Students will gain foundational knowledge about implementing the Wetland Policy, including:

  • Wetland Identification
  • Wetland Classification
  • Preliminary Wetland Delineation
  • Wetland Authenticating Professionals
  • Wetland Assessments
  • Wetland Impact
  • Wetland Mitigations
  • Wetland Replacement

Start Immediately!

This course takes between 2 to 3 hours to complete, and you can start immediately upon registration!

Students have until the end of 2025 (December 2025) to complete this course.

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