Free Learning Resources

Resources include a variety of environmental and applied science tools and information packets, such as infographics, new guidelines, short videos and apps.

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NEW! Alberta Watercourse Crossing Guidebook

Click here to access FREE digital copy.

Click here to order a hardcopy.

4th Edition Invasive Plants of Alberta

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AB Wetland Policy Professional Practice Standards Webinar


Alberta Plant Species List App

Ever find yourself remembering the plant genus but not species name…this handy app can answer a myriad of minutia. Taken from the ACIMS list, this app is currently available for Android Only. Click Here to Download


Building a Wetland Assessment & Impact Report Infographic

Landscape Analyses : Regional- to Local-Scale Abiotic Components Infographic

Technical Report Reviewer's Checklist Infographic

Wetland Design: Exploring Stormwater Modelling

Wetland Catchment Delineation Infographic

Video Shorts

Alberta's Grassland Multi-tool Video

Short video, extolling the virtues of Alberta’s Grassland Vegetation Inventory.

Google Earth Pro: View in 3 Dimension

This short video shows users how to view the landscape in 2.5 Dimensions (~3D). How to view a landscape profile.

Wetland Water Cycle

This video short provides context for water cycle inputs and outputs as they pertain to the water balance of a specific wetland.

Alberta Soil Information Viewer

A short tour provides a tour of the soil viewer to provide you with a basic understanding of this online tool and its applications.

Alberta's Native Plant Toolkit

Learn about types of native plant tools that can be used for developing study design, conducting a desktop assessment, collecting field data and revegetation planning.

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