Desktop Investigations:
Environmental Analysis Seminars

Target Audience

SALMTEC presents a seminar series on Desktop Analysis, designed to build capacity in existing professionals, regulators, project managers, and recent graduates by developing skills at analyzing imagery, spatial datasets, and technical reports.


  • Five seminars in total
  • One LIVE Seminars per month from January to May 2024
  • OnDemand Seminars available if you miss the Live Seminar


  • LIVE one-hour seminars that include:
    • Theory
    • Examples
    • Q&A
  • LIVE Seminars held during ‘lunch-time’
  • OnDemand Seminars that include additional content
  • OnDemand Seminars are self-paced

Seminar Schedule

Land Use Interpretation

Land uses over time: imagery interpretation and other tools

Reviewing Technical Reports

Review professional reports like a pro

Landscape Analysis

Analyze, don't Summarize landscape formation components

OnDemand Coming Soon!

OnDemand Coming Soon!


Hydrology & Wetland Design

Understanding surface hydrology parameters in wetland design.

Preliminary Wetland Delineation

Imagery Climate/Watersheds Geology/Soils Hydrology/Ecosystems

Professional Wetland Practice Standards Webinar

Panel discussion on creation and use of professional standards