Desktop Investigations:
Environmental Analysis Seminars

Target Audience

SALMTEC presents a seminar series on Desktop Analysis, designed to build capacity in existing professionals, regulators, project managers, and recent graduates by developing skills at analyzing imagery, spatial datasets, academic journal articles, and technical reports.


  • Five seminars in total
  • One offered each month
  • January to May 2024.


  • One-hour duration
  • During ‘lunch-time’
  • Live, in-person, webinar-style

Seminar Schedule

Jan. 23/24 Noon-1pm MST

Feb. 21/24 Noon-1pm MST

Mar. 19/24 Noon-1pm MST

Land Use

Land uses over time: imagery interpretation and other tools

Technical Information

Critical review of scientific/technical reports

Biogeoclimatic Processes

Regional/watershed processes: climate, geology, soils

Apr. 23/24 Noon-1pm MST

May 22/24 Noon-1pm MST

Nov. 28/23 Noon-1pm MST

Ecology of Hydrology

Hydrology of Ecosystems:
-Water inputs & outputs = water balance -Constructed/restored wetland design essentials

Preliminary Wetland Delineation

Combining investigations: Imagery Climate/Watersheds Geology/Soils Hydrology/Ecosystems

Building Competencies

Land Use
Existing Information
Regional Processes
Ecology of Hydrology
Imagery Interpretation
Spatial Data