Alberta Soil Information Viewer - Snackable Learning

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Course Fee:                              $25 (plus GST)

The Alberta Soil Information Viewer is the first place to go when getting to know an area. This easy to use online mapping viewer provides a comprehensive view of the landscape and the soils in the white area of Alberta.

This course provides a deep-dive into how to navigate the Soil Information Viewer and how to interpret the information through several application scenarios.

Course Format

The course consists of:

  • Three – online learning modules (approximately 23 minutes long in total)
  • Three – optional online quizzes to test your knowledge (approximately 5-10 minutes long each)
  • One – optional online activity (approximately 20-30 minutes long)

Learning Objectives

  • Navigating in the viewer
    • Going to a location of interest
    • Turning on data layers
    • Map tools
  • Querying data
    • General land information
    • Specific information
    • Land suitability rating system
  • Interpreting data
    • Landscape models
    • Soil models
    • Soil profile data

Course Instructors


  • Ed Karpuk, Soil and Terrain Mapping Specialist
  • Ron McNeil, Soil and Terrain Specialist
  • Laurie Hamilton, M.Sc., C.E.T., P Biol, Terrestrial and Wetland Ecologist and Geomatics Specialist

Start Immediately!

This course takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete, and you can start immediately upon registration!

Students have until the end of 2024 to complete this course.