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10 things to know about the Grassland Vegetation Inventory

10 things to know about Alberta’s Grassland Vegetation Inventory Alberta’s Grassland Vegetation Inventory is a recent provincial initiative with three main outcomes: Grassland classification system Grassland mapping specifications manual Geospatial database representing a grassland vegetation inventory captured at an ecosystem- and individual- scale The grassland classification system has three primary classification streams: Natural/native Water Anthropogenic […]

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Authenticating Wetland Professionals

10 things to know about Authenticating Professionals under Alberta’s Wetland Policy The requirement for professional sign off as it relates to Water Act applications under the Wetland Policy has recently been implemented in Alberta. Whether you are proposing to develop or disturb a wetland, or you have been asked to assess impacts to a wetland,

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Wetland Valuation in Alberta

10 things to know about wetland valuation in Alberta (ABWRET) In 2013, the Government of Alberta published its Wetland Policy, which was fully implemented by mid-2016. This meant that Water Act application requirements following the Wetland Policy protocols were in effect throughout Alberta [with the small exception of federal lands]. A central theme of the

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Wetland Water Cycle Overview

Wetland Water Cycle Short Video Excerpt from SALMTEC’s ABWRET-A Blended/Online Course. Many people know what the water cycle is. How water transforms across time and space globally. But the global water cycle is made up of trillions and trillions of smaller water cycles. For example, the water cycle can be explored on an ecosystem basis.

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