ACIMS Tools Course

Fall 2020 ABWRET-A

Online/Blended Course

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Course Offerings

Wetland Policy Basics Online Course

Alberta Wetland Policy Basics

Online Course  

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ACIMS Tools Course

Understanding ACIMS Tools

Online Course
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Soil Information

Soil Information Viewer 

Online Course

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Welcome to SALMTEC

Land management involves making decisions on how to use natural resources in a sustainable manner based on the best available science. SALMTEC (Science & Land Management Training & Education Centre) is a training and education centre that provides relevant learning opportunities that bridge the gap between land management practices and the applied science upon which these practices are based.

Western Canada Science & Land Management

Our goal is to build capacity in the applied science and land management community in western Canada, by providing a corporate framework within which quality standards for material creation, content and presentation are met, and which allows for collaboration with subject matter experts.

SALMTEC’s approach is to offer opportunities that go beyond the basic theories, putting them into practice. Content is created by subject matter experts in collaboration with SALMTEC to present practical concepts that would otherwise take years of experience to learn.

SALMTEC's objective is to build a learning centre that provide materials, tools and opportunities for a diverse audience, from recent graduates to subject matter experts.

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