Alberta Wetland Rapid Evaluation Tool - Actual (ABWRET-A) 

2019 Training Course Completed for the Year!

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Course Overview

This course provides participants with a strong understanding of the Alberta Wetland Rapid Evaluation Tool-Actual. Both on-line learning and hands-on field training from the creator of the wetland evaluation tool, Dr. Paul Adamus, are combined in this easily accessible course, to prepare you for the 2019 field season.

Course Format:

  • This course consists of 8 on-line modules, 1-2 hours in duration, and a one-day field training component.
  • On-line modules will be released two at a time starting April 15, 2019, through SALMTEC's on-line learning platform.
  • The one-day field training component led by Dr. Adamus is available in either Calgary (Tuesday July 9, 2019) or Edmonton (Thursday July 11, 2019) areas.
  • On-line modules, including associated tests, must be completed prior to the field training day.

Fee ------------------------$895 (plus tax)




ABWRET Overview

Alberta Wetland Rapid Evaluation Tool is a standardized method for assessing the important natural functions of all types of wetlands present in Alberta.  Use of this method is a requirement through the Government of Alberta's Wetland Policy where Water Act approval is sought and wetlands will be permanently impacted.

A strong understanding of this tool is required at three sign-off points in the Water Act approval process for wetlands: at the pre-disturbance stage in the Wetland Assessment and Impact Report (WAIR), at the wetland restoration design stage in the Wetland Restoration Plan, and at the final verification stage in the Verification Report. 


Instructed by the creator of ABWRET-A, Dr. Paul Adamus

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Learners will understand the context for using ABWRET-A (green and white areas)
  • Learners will understand the methods used to create ABWRET-A
  • Learners will understand the basic theory behind the wetland functions
  • Learners will receive an in-depth understanding of ABWRET-A indicators and wetland functional models
  • Learners will gain hands on experience using the ABWRET-A Tool
  • Learners will understand the process of submitting ABWRET-A
  • Learners will understand how to interpret the ABWRET-A results

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