Meet Tara Caseley, PBiol

tara casely

Tara Caseley has been working and volunteering in the field of biology for approximately fifteen years, consulting in Alberta for the past decade. Tara is a registered Professional Biologist with the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists supporting terrestrial and aquatic biology initiatives Canada-wide with involvement in numerous development projects across Western Canada; including pipelines, oil and gas, wind power, transportation and infrastructure, and power transmission. She has held leading roles on projects for a variety of clientele among industry, federal and provincial governments, non-government organizations, and First Nations. Tara is well versed in provincial and federal environmental regulatory requirements and regularly advises on the Alberta Wetland Policy and Water Act, Alberta Wildlife Act, Migratory Birds Convention Act and Regulations, Species at Risk Act, and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. She has complementary skills in project management, air photo interpretation and mapping, GIS, and environmental monitoring. Tara has collaborated in the development and execution of several workshops, conferences, and training opportunities as a practicing biologist and during extensive volunteer work.

Tara is a SALMTEC founder and project manager for the successful Grassland Vegetation Inventory: A User's Guide training course. Laurie Hamilton and Tara have worked and volunteered together since 2006. In 2015, the dynamic duo became co-founders of SALMTEC to fulfill their shared vision of creating a way to provide relevant, practical, high quality and accessible training and education opportunities to the environmental management community: colleagues, students, experts looking to expand knowledge areas. Thus SALMTEC was formed - a framework based on collaboration that provides opportunities for subject matter experts, participants, land managers, and users in general.

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