Meet Shaila Hirani

Shaila Hirani

Shaila Hirani is a passionate and conscientious biology professional offering a rare blend of technical knowledge and strategic communications. Shaila attended the University of Calgary where she completed her undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences. Shaila is a relationship-driven leader and has over 10 years’ experience working within a variety of client care settings including customer service, hospitality and public relations. She is a member with the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists where she is part of the Student Outreach Committee. She also volunteers with a number of ENGO's such as Green Calgary, Nature Conservancy of Canada and Calgary River Valleys where she participates in sustainable education, community outreach, terrestrial and aquatic fieldwork, conservation programs, and waste management. Shaila’s experience has provided her with a unique range of skills that cross between the environmental and business spheres.

Shaila is collaborating with SALMTEC as the Environmental Programs Manager. She is well versed in facilitating public engagement opportunities allowing ongoing relationships with SALMTEC’s clients, subject matter experts and regulators.


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