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Wetland Function Assessment tool: Alberta Wetland Rapid Evaluation Tool - Actual Blended Course


Alberta's Grassland Vegetation Inventory: Interpretation and Field Classification Blended Course

Wetland Policy Basics

Overview of the Alberta Wetland Policy Online Course

Desktop Investigations: Seminar Series (W24)

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What Our Students Have to Say

I really enjoyed the GVI course. The modules are well planned, and the videos are well done and explain the concepts clearly. The activities are very helpful with understanding the course material as well. The interactive component with the instructor really helped to make all the concepts come together. I now have a better understanding of the GVI and how I can use it.
About the Grassland Vegetation Inventory Course
I just wanted to say thank you very much for putting together the ABWRET-A course. I thought it was an excellent course and that the exam was a great exercise where I was able to solidify a lot of the gained ABWRET-A knowledge in completing it.
About the ABWRET-A Blended Course
Great overview course – Thanks Laurie & Amy
About the Biophysical Bootcamp Field Training Course
A definite deep-dive into the inner workings of the tool. Thanks for the graphics and animation, which brought the concepts to life.
About the ABWRET-A Blended Course

AB Wetland Policy Professional Practice Standards Webinar

Building Capacity in the Community

Building on existing skills.
Ensuring employees are properly trained.
Understanding land management applications.

Building capacity in wetland practitioners
Building Capacity in Applied Scientists

In addition to the specific content of the course, the format allows students to pursue self-paced learning, testing their knowledge and putting their knowledge into practice through various off-line activities.

SALMTEC offers opportunities that go beyond the basic theories, putting them into practice.

Content is created by subject matter experts in collaboration with SALMTEC to present practical concepts that would otherwise take years of experience to learn.

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